Family Child Care Home - Owasso

Hello, Parents! This is our very first newsletter for our Family Child Care Home-Owasso, and we are so excited!! We have many pictures and experiences to share!! First and formost, we enjoy having your children here! We are able to have fun while teaching and learning. Our main focus for infants is physical development and social emotional. Infants tend to do a lot of sleeping and eating, but we do work with trying to gain muscle control with fine or gross motor activities. We spend time holding them frequently so that we are able to bond with your child. Once the children are able to sit up on their own, we work more with creative expression, cognitive development, and communication skills.

Ms Ada's Class - Preschool

September - the beginning of new beginnings! As part of expressing ourselves, we want to be confident in our names and writing, so we will be working on learning to write our names, slowly but surely. We will use fun ways to practice writing our names like Jell packs, painting, writing in sand, and writing in flour. Families can come in our classrooms and see our hard work in action. Parents can take these simple techniques and give their children practice at home, too. My goal is to make learning to write fun. We will begin with tracing and using magnet letters as examples. These preliminary writing skills are the foundation for being able to use words and writing to express the unique peo

Ms Bailee's Class - Early Preschool 1

Hello, Parents! Welcome to Miss Bailee’s class! I am so glad to begin the journey of learning with your tiny humans. In EPS, we explore various learning styles. We use child led, teacher led, group discussion directed, and individual child learning plans as well. This helps us to get the extent of learning out of each day. With that being said, the outdoor playscape is used for these types of learning as well, and we will be using it more often than not. If you have any questions, you can message me on Kids Report. This is where our daily learning documentation and play will be posted, as well as pictures. Looking forward to our learning! Ms Bailee

Ms McKenzie and Ms Amanda's Class - Toddler C

The Toddler C class, like all of our toddler rooms, is a mixed-age space for children to learn and develop. Mixed-age classrooms provide children with the opportunity to develop at their own pace. We are loving the shift of the winds in our hair and feeling it move when we are outdoors. The changing winds show us how the seasons are also preparing for change. Our children are ready for opportunities to talk about weather and the world outside. Teachers are encouraging parents to spend time with their children outdoors.

Ms Kelsey & Ms Tiffany's Class - Toddler B

Toddler B class has welcomed new faces to the classroom! In this time of transition, we appreciate all of the support you have given. New things that your child may experience will be new songs, new routines, and new toys and equipment. Our professional teachers are in the process of conducting observations on the children to discover their talents and interests that will shape our upcoming lessons. We will utilize music to pace our day; music is one of the many tools that involve the children’s bodies and brains, which can work together to develop skills in all domains.

Ms Teresa & Ms Jenny's Class - Toddler A

Hello, Parents! The months are just zooming by! I would like to take the time to thank my parents for the adventure at the splash pad. We had a great time and look forward to more. I also want to welcome our new friends to our class - Gabriel and Bryon. We look forward to learning all about you! I started the month of August with a Back to School theme, and I would like to continue this through September. If you have any Pete the Cat books, please send them for our classroom to share. They love those! Also, If you have not purchased a small backpack for your child, you still have time. We will be practicing how to hold scissors, pencils, and crayons. These are fine motor skills to get their

Ms Ashley & Ms Iris' Class - Infants

Hello from the Infant Room! Iris and I are excited to be introducing new children in to our classroom! It has brought so much joy and excitement to our room. We have been splitting the children up into groups of four and have been able to do more individualized things to meet the children's needs and desires. With the weather getting cooler, we have been able to go on more stroller rides with the children, and they love it! We also have been able to explore our playground more. Iris and I are honored to be able to watch each of the children grow and reach different milestones everyday. Ms Ashley & Ms Iris

Ms Jenny’s Class—Preschool

The month of August was FULL of adventure and new experiences for our Preschool class! We spent a lot of time exploring what the children are calling "The Magic Forest" and "The Rain Forest" and "The Woods"—located nearby on Delaware Tribal property. They got to pick out their own walking sticks and collect bugs and other treasures. Of course, we HAD to roll down the hill! We did some "scientific research" on rocks and how they look when dry vs wet. I wrote down everything they observed on the rocks they collected on our walk, and then they signed the paper at the bottom. We did a few cooking experiences also this month, making Banana Muffins, Turkey Burger Sliders, and Ants on a Log! We loo

Ms KK’s Class—Early Preschool

Happy September from the EPS Class! Can you believe we are already into the ninth month of the year? This class has literally made a splash this summer by having water play nearly every day! The swimming clothes that came in to our class early on were bright, neon colors. Now as we are saying “goodbye” to the days of having wet hair and water-soaked bathing suits, we are reflecting on the memories of not so long ago. As we look back on pictures of summer fun, we realize time goes by quicker than we can imagine. When looking back at the photos, we hear a lot of, "Hey, remember that day?" We also hear giggles and stories being told over and over of the things that were taking place at that tim

Ms Jessica's Class—Toddler 2

Hello from T2! August has been a busy, exciting month for us. We have been doing a lot of sensory play, spending time in nature, and doing process art activities. The whole month of August we have been going over weather. It was definitely a good month for it because we saw a bunch of different weather happen, such as rain, wind, clouds, cool weather in the morning, and warmer weather in the afternoon. A couple of times we were playing outside, and it started sprinkling. The children enjoyed getting to experience the rain! We did a couple of science projects such as Cotton Ball Clouds and learning that, when the clouds fill up, that’s when it starts to rain. We also explored Rainbow Spaghett

Ms Michelle's Class - Infants

Hello families! Wow, did August fly right on by, or was it just us that felt that way?! With the weather being so great and not terribly hot, we have had so much time to explore our beautiful outdoor spaces. Our sensory garden is in full bloom, so the infants have had plenty of time exploring the different textures and smells outside. When the rainy days hit, we watched the rain fall, and the teachers talked about what the weather was doing outside and what that “sometimes scary sound” of thunder is. August is the month that our Preschool children say their goodbyes to the center. This opens up space in all the classrooms and allows for transitioning of our one-year-olds to the toddler class

Letter from the Director!

Something our teachers are trained to know is how important it is to allow children to take risks. Allowing children to make decisions on what their own bodies can handle gives them the sense of empowerment over their own bodies. This is important in the early years to instill mental and physical problem-solving skills, in the present and when they are older. We must give children the space to explore their own bodies’ capabilities to allow them to learn. Allowing a child to challenge her own body and mind creates a strong mental and physical child. To restrict a child from doing large gross motor skilled activities—“risky play,” if you will—could cause the child to fail to develop proprioce

Ms Amanda's Class—Toddler 1

Hello from T1! I feel like August just flew by in T1; we just had so much fun this month! We learned a lot about farm animals. The children absolutely adore any book that has farm animals in it! Some of our favorites this month were Animal Sounds and Big Red Barn. We also have some kiddos that are excellent at making animal noises—so good you would think we had a farm right in our center! We have been singing a lot of “Old McDonald” and letting the children pick which animals live on the farm. Some children even went beyond that and said that a “barn” and “tractors” live on the farm. They are just so smart! It cooled down for a while in August, and we were able to go outside quite a bit mor

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