Ms Teresa & Ms Jenny's Class - Toddler A

Hello parents of TA! The summer is winding down, and we are preparing to transition our older kids to early preschool. We have been learning colors, reading books, and exploring our outside environment. Our picnic and bug hunt were a big success. Thank you so much for your children - they are each special and unique individuals. It is our pleasure and privilege to work with them every day! Ms Teresa and Ms Jenny

Ms McKenzie and Ms Amanda's Class - Toddler C

What we will be learning in August in TC It's August and the school buses are out! This month we will be discussing transportation and safety. We will start the first two weeks learning important signals like “stop” and “go”. If your child has been using the word stop a lot more at home, I apologize! However, I consider it to be a good thing because that means the kids are retaining their classroom information. The last couple of weeks we will be learning all about cars, trucks, airplanes, helicopters, trains, etc. Something new in TC From now on we will not be allowing children to bring in toys from home. Amanda and I agree that it is beginning to be a classroom distraction. However, we bot

Letter from the Director!

Delaware Child Development Center – Claremore has been delighted to have the high levels of participation over the last year from you all. Please be sure to mark your calendars for upcoming family events. As a general reminder, our program hosts classrooms of mixed ages. Mixed age classrooms promote cooperation skills, allow for more individualized planning for each child, and also give the opportunity for children to have the same environment beyond their calendar birthdays. All seven of our classrooms are mixed; when we transition children into new learning spaces, it is with their development in mind. This August we will have a transition room specific for toddlers. This allows children w

Ms Ada's Class - Preschool

Ms Ada is now the teacher for the Pre K classroom. She comes to the center with over 10 years of teaching experience. During the month of August, we will be discussing Community Helpers. We will take a week at a time to learn about and better appreciate the community helpers in our community. We will be learning about postal workers, doctors, paramedics, police officers, firefighters, construction workers, etc. If you or anyone you know would like to come speak to the class for one of my weeks, please feel free to speak with me, and we can set up a time and date for this to happen. The children would love to see and hear about the help that our workers provide to our community. I would also

Ms Bailee's Class - Early Preschool 1

Dear Parents of EPS children, While we love to see how excited your child is with their own toys, they become a distraction in our learning environment, so I am going to please ask that toys from home stay at home. We also have it in our policy to not have outside toys in the classroom. Each classroom is equipped with bundles of toys and activities that help your children learn, grow, and stay busy. These toys are designed for fun and brain development and are equally shared through the class. Thank you for your understanding and your participation in helping our classroom be the best learning environment possible!

Ms Kelsey & Ms Tiffany's Class - Toddler B

Dear Parents of Toddler B class, At this time in your child’s life, they will be discovering many things about their self - what activities they enjoy, what food preferences they have, and what makes them unique. In the month of August, we will begin to focus on what physically makes them - the human body! We will learn all about the different parts of the body (not limited to head, shoulders, knees, and toes)! I will be sending home fun activities that you can do with your child, because as always, we HIGHLY encourage family participation! Remember to keep checking your child’s cubby for dirty clothes and artwork! Your children are very proud of their art, and they would love to have it s

Ms Ashley & Ms Iris' Class - Infants

Hello from the Claremore infant room! The end of summer is upon us, YAY!, as it has been very hot in this neck of the woods. We have enjoyed our outside time exploring the big kid playground, and a few of the older children will have the opportunity to experience it a lot more in the near future. With the end of summer comes a change in the classroom dynamics. We will be saying goodbye to our one year olds and sending them off to explore with new friends in the toddler classrooms. With the new room assignments, there will probably be some anxiety over the change. However, rest assured that we have confidence in your child’s ability to navigate the new surroundings and experiences. Please fee

Ms Jenny’s Class—Preschool

This month our Preschool class had the privilege to participate in the groundbreaking ceremony for DCDC’s new site in Owasso! The children all got to participate by digging up the dirt for the groundbreaking. They really enjoyed it. We also learned about the ocean and made our own “Jellyfish” house to use in our Science Center. We have been learning a lot about insects and got to create our very own insects with different materials and give them a habitat. Next month we will be learning about Science, Authors/Illustrators, Cryptography (because who doesn’t want to make up their own form of communication), and North America. If you would like to join us for any of these activities, please don

Ms KK’s Class—Early Preschool

There are a lot of things that have been going on in our classroom this past month, and we are excited to tell you about it! We have been learning about one of the hottest places to be, how to pick the right vegetables from our garden, and what it means to help others. Our study has been based upon Sand. What fun we have had discussing and looking at what sand is really made of. This group learned that the Sahara Dessert is one of the hottest places, and the children have looked through magnifying glasses in the sandbox looking for treasures. Some have noticed when sand is on the sidewalk, it makes a funny sound when stepped on. Some children have said, "It's slippery!" Of course, it wouldn

Ms Jessica's Class—Toddler 2

Hello from T2! July has flown by, and we are excited for August to be here! The summer months are flying by as we are busy, busy, busy in our class. We have been exploring and spending a little extra time in the classroom since it’s been so hot in the afternoons. We have been exploring with sensory; water is always a favorite in our class, whether it be inside or out, and we have also explored dry rice. Shaving cream and finger painting are always messy favorites, too. This past month we have been doing a lot of music and movement so that we can be more active in the class room. We have a dance playlist, and the children love dancing around with their friends in the classroom. A few songs th

Ms Amanda's Class—Toddler 1

July was a lot of fun for our class as we have been exploring and talking about zoo animals! We have had a blast reading Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear; Dear Zoo; and Baby Zoo Animals. Our children love to make the noise of whatever animal we read out, but I think a class favorite is the lion. We have some pretty good class roars that go on! We have also had some pretty good monkey impressions, too! We also have been listening to the songs called “Animal Action” in which all of us have to act like whatever animal the song says; it is a current favorite of T1! Some fun art we have done over the month is letting the kids take our animal toys such as our lion and elephant and dip thei

Ms Michelle's Class - Infants

Mr. Larry and I would like to thank all the partnered families who participated in home visits this past month; thank you for the warm welcome into your homes! We know all our parents love taking an active part in your child's learning experiences. We encourage all parents to come and be a part of our team for a little while. We do know it’s hard to have a full-time job and still find some time to spend in the classroom with your children. We do want to continue to see this much-needed support as it benefits the children’s engagement and development. With summer in full force and heat advisories, we haven't been able to get outdoors in the afternoon time. We've been shaking it up and getting

Letter from the Director!

Dear Parents, Delaware Child Development Center is working towards fostering the relationship between our young children and the elders in our community. Our teachers, family service coordinator, myself and the caregivers at Elder Care believe that the beauty of fostering relationships will bring greater opportunities to learn new skills from the different generations. Some advantages to children who spend time with the elderly include: Learning new skills and knowledge. Having a greater sense of purpose. Learning to understand and later accept one’s own aging experience. Learning history and stories from past generations. Broadening social circles and social skills. Having a visit from the

Fourth of July Sensory Activity Ideas!

4th of July Bubble Sensory Table Firework Bubbles – Simply add dawn dish soap, water, blue and red food coloring. Swirl it around and let the children have fun! Fourth of July Sensory Bin Color white rice with red and blue food coloring. Add red, white, and blue stars and tongs for a great small-motor sensory activity. Open-Ended Firework Art Activity Provide children with materials such as a dish brushes, straws bent at the angle and taped together, toilet paper tubes with the ends cut (children 3 and older can use scissors to cut this themselves), and scouring pads for children to create their own fireworks on posters, t-shirts, sidewalks (with washable paint!), or whatever else you can th

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