Welcome to our New Teachers!

Cayla Scott Hello, my name is Cayla Scott, and I am an apprentice teacher. I have my Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Northeastern State University. I have worked in child care for seven years and worked in an elementary school before coming to DCDC Bartlesville. I knew I wanted to work with children for as long as I can remember, and I am excited to begin my new journey at DCDC Bartlesville! Pricilla McConnell Hello, my name is Priscilla McConnell, and I am very happy to be joining the Delaware Child Development Center Bartlesville team as a Float/Supporting Teacher. I have 12 years of early childhood experience—eight of those being with DCDC previously. I am currently en

Letter from the Director!

The Overuse of Media and Its Detrimental Effect on Child Development Kelsey Thomas, Director of Education and Training, and myself presented information regarding the overuse of media with children and the fact that it stunts natural development. The following is information based on our research on screen time. Nearly one in five kids use mobile devices every day. Based on a survey of 1,463 parents of children aged 0-8 years old in 2013, only 60% could read or were read to while 58% watched TV. Screen time can negatively affect children’s social-emotional and cognitive development, lead to health implications, and inhibit real life experiences and face-to-face interactions that help childre

Ms Jenny’s Class—Preschool

Preschool is Bridging the Gap! Last month we took a field trip to Elder Care to visit and make new friends with the amazing ladies and gentlemen that are a part of their program. We all had such a wonderful time, and it was such a positive experience, not just for our preschoolers, but also for the Elder Care members that our kids spent time with. They worked together to plant flowers and make bird feeders, and it was easy to see the fun the kids were having and the joy it brought to the adults. There is so much to be said about the benefits of children and those in Elder Care coming together. Not only do the older generations have so much to teach the children and so many wonderful stories

Ms KK’s Class—Early Preschool

Welcome to the Early Preschool class, where you never realize how far your imagination can carry you! We have been having so much fun with all the sunshine, flowers, and windy days! There is so much to learn and do, we barely have enough time to get things accomplished! One of the favorite things in our class is our Kite. Predictions have been made by these young learners about the way a kite is moving up into the sky. "It's going high without wings, but it has a tail!" "We can't reach it because we are too heavy, and we don't have tails!" So, when it looks like we are merely chasing a kite, we are learning that the way the kite is constructed with its lightweight material and with some w

Ms Jessica's Class—Toddler 2

Hello from T2! We have been busy exploring and learning. We have been reading stories, listening to music, doing art projects, exploring with sensory play, and spending as much time outside as possible. We have explored shaving cream, and it’s one of our class favorites! We cover a cookie sheet with shaving cream, and the kids get to explore any way that they want. They quickly figured out they can draw things in the shaving cream, so they like to draw shapes and other things. In our sensory table we have had dry rice; then another week we had dry oatmeal with nutmeg, cinnamon, and cocoa powder in it. They liked burying things in it and digging to find what they had buried. They quickly noti

Ms Amanda's Class—Toddler 1

Hello from T1! May was a busy month for us as we learned some new shapes during Shape Week such as cylinder, crescent moon, hexagon and octagon! Another week, our class talked about food and how it grows. We discussed what our favorite foods were, and we had some interesting answers like “candy,” “noodle,” and “carrots”! We read the book Everyone Eats which is about what animals eat and how similar it is to people. Our kids loved laughing and giggling about how deer eat lettuce and horses eat apples just like us! We want to thank all our moms for coming to our Muffins for Moms event. Our kids were so excited to hear that their moms would be joining us for snack and being able to give them t

Ms Elizabeth's Class - Infants

We love FOOD! Our babies are getting so big! Most of them are starting to transition into eating table food with the older toddlers. We encourage that infants over 8 months start being introduced to solid foods so that they learn to chew. And when they turn a year old, they’re ready to be eating table food. During this time, they are becoming very independent, so they don’t want any help. It’s almost like they’re saying “Hey, I’ve got it!” We definitely encourage them to feed themselves as it helps develop their fine motor skills. We did have a lot of change recently with three of our friends moving up into toddler classes and gaining new friends into our classroom. Don’t be shy, say “hi” t

STEAM for Early Childhood – Engineering

By now, educators are aware that the focus of education is shifting to the skills embedded in STEAM—science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math. If our country is going to remain competitive in the 21st century global economy, our students need to become much more proficient in these subjects. With that in mind, this is the third post in a series about bringing STEAM into your early childhood classroom. Why Engineering? First, let’s discuss what exactly engineering is, because it’s been molded to fit recent efforts in STEAM or STEM. According to a report from the National Academy of Engineering and the Board on Science Education at the Center for Education, engineering is “a systema

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