Letter from the Director!

May is going to be a great month! We have been overjoyed over the increasing parent support. We currently have parents volunteering to read, making playdough, networking with other parents, and providing feedback and input on policies for the organization. A special shout out goes to the Dad’s group. Please stop by the Daddy Cubbie to see pictures of these active fathers and their children. Research confirms that children who have parents who are active participants in their educational environment perform better and have a higher sense of self-esteem. Thank you to all the parents who have contributed to our growing program. It has been an absolute honor to have you working alongside our tea

Ms Nichole's Class - Preschool

We will be working on class rules pretty heavily this month. I want them to be ready for the new school year, so following directions and rules will help prepare them. I will be putting class rules in their cubbies so that you will be able to go over them with your child before the start of school every day. ITS HERE!! We have the stream going, and your child will need extra clothes and a swim suit. If your child needs special sunscreen or bug spray, please send them as well. I am excited for the summer months! Thank you all for your continued support!

Ms Elizabeth's Class - Early Preschool 2

Hello, EPS2 Families! My last day of teaching will be May 4th. I will be leaving the center to go on maternity leave and pursue my career back to servicing families. I want to thank each and every one of you for allowing me the opportunity to provide care for your child. I will sincerely miss each one of them. I have enjoyed working with all of them, and I've seen so much growth developmentally. I have also witnessed their learning to care and expressing themselves amongst each other, which I find to be very rewarding as a Master Teacher. Ms Naisha will be taking over the classroom, and she has some exciting activities planned for them for the month of May. The class will be doing a study on

Ms Bailee's Class - Early Preschool 1

Coming up in the months ahead, EPS 1 will be exploring the details of a frog's life. We will be learning about frogs, their life cycle, their habitat, and what they like to eat. The letters to go along with these activities are F, T, P, W, and G. These letters represent Frogs, Tadpoles, Pond, Water, and Green. We hope to be telling you all about frogs as we learn more about them! Please let Ms Bailee know if you have any special books or anything else that would go with our frog lesson plans!

Ms McKenzie and Ms Amanda's Class - Toddler C

Hey, parents! It’s finally May, which means (hopefully) some consistently warm weather! With that being said, please bring your kiddos clothing that is appropriate for the weather. Also if you want your child to use a special kind of sunscreen, I will need you to fill out a sunscreen form letting us know so! We have a lot of fun planned for May! We are going to talk about the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar”. The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a picture book written and illustrated by Eric Carle. It follows the life cycle of a caterpillar as it starts by coming out of its egg all the way to becoming a butterfly. It teaches the days of the week and counting up to five as well as all kinds of dif

Ms Kelsey's Class - Toddler B

Bears, Bears, Bears… This month we are focusing on bears: Polar Bears, Black Bears, and Brown Bears. Our first week, we will be looking at the Polar Bears and their icy homes. Next, we will be leaning more about the Brown Bear and the trees he lives in. Lastly, we will learn more about the Black Bear. We will then take our final week of the month to look back on what we have learned about all three bears. We are still working hard on potty training, and several of the kids are almost completely “potty trained"! As we continue to work on potty training with all children, please remember to dress your child in loose fitting clothes that are easy for your child to put on, pull up and take off

Ms Teresa & Ms Jenny's Class - Toddler A

Hi, my wonderful parents! It has been a joy to serve you, and I look forward to more. The month of April ended with our umbrella dances, and the kids loved it so much that we would love to do it again this month! We will continue with planting and watering flowers and looking forward to Mother's Day. We are planning a fun time to honor our mothers - details will follow. In preparation for that, we will be talking about our mothers and what we love about them. I will also be asking for a recent picture of mother and daughter or son, preferably a face shot so that we can compare eyes, noses, and mouths. The kids are enjoying planting and watching their flowers grow! Happy belated birthday to L

Ms Angela & Ms Iris' Class - Infants

Greetings from the infant room! We have been having so much fun with new friends and projects this past month. We enjoyed fun activities for the “Week of the Young Child” and hope all of the rest of our friends and families enjoyed them as well. The weather has flip-flopped quite a bit this past month and has hindered us from going outside very much, but with May bringing nicer weather (we hope), we will be spending more of our time outdoors. We will be using our own personal playground, but we hope to spend a bit of time on the toddler playground so the babies can experience nature. Please be sure to bring a jacket and appropriate shoes for your child just in case it is cold when we go on w

Letter from the Director!

I want to thank everyone who could join the DCDC-Bartlesville sensory family event! The turnout was phenomenal! DCDC staff really enjoyed sharing with the families why sensory play is important for your child’s development. So, what is sensory play? A sensory activity is anything that involves the five senses: taste, touch, smell, hearing, and sight. DCDC teachers provide activities daily for your children to learn and engage their senses. We have aligned our lesson plans to include sensory stimulation daily. We know that research has linked sensory play to emotional, cognitive and physical development. In each classroom, a sensory table is provided. Therefore, each child has the opportunit

Ms Jenny’s Class—Preschool

Welcome to Spring, Preschool!! I hope everyone is loving the warmer weather! We had a lot of fun in April! I want to thank all the parents and families that joined us on our field trip to Wheels and Thrills and the park. The kids had a really great time! We are really excited about what May will bring us! We will continue our travel around the world in May, starting with a imaginary trip down to South America where we will learn about the different foods, people, and culture. This month we will be taking a field trip to Elder Care on Wednesday, May 16th. I am so excited for the kids to have this wonderful experience. There are so many positive benefits that come with integrating generations

Ms KK’s Class—Early Preschool

Greetings from EPS! We have been very busy in April, and we are loving it! This class is finishing up our Study on Bread, and we have had the opportunity to taste different kinds of bread and learn to think beyond a plain slice of white bread from a bag. The children each made their own small loaf and took it home to share with their family. What an experience! On April 30th, we will be visiting a bakery and will be watching and learning how to grind up wheat. We will be counting different types of bread and tasting a sample of something delicious! We celebrated Week of the Young Child by participating in activities the week of April 16th-20th. Our very favorite was going on a field trip to

Ms Jessica's Class—Toddler 2

Hello all! It’s starting to actually feel like Spring, and we are so excited! Please remember to dress your children according to the weather and bring weather appropriate extra clothes for their cubbies. We are going to be exploring and may get messy along the way! The past month we have been learning like crazy. We’ve been learning about the changes happening in Spring such as the weather and plant changes. We went on a nature walk and collected things for our nature collage, and the children loved that! We planted flowers, and they are growing more and more every day. Thank you to everyone who could make it to the sensory event and the Wheels & Thrills field trip. The children had a blast

Ms Amanda's Class—Toddler 1

Happy May! We are so excited to see green grass and trees again! The children have been loving playing outside, especially when it gets warm enough to open the water table outside! We had lots of fun in April - our sensory event was a hit and our kiddos had lots of fun playing in the bubbles and slime. We also had a blast at our Wheels and Thrills field trip! I want to thank all our parents for joining us for the fun! For the month of May, Toddler 1 has some fun art projects like painting with cars, painting rocks, and collecting spring items to do a spring collage. We also will be outside more since the weather is warming up. We will paint with water on the chalkboards and play with bubbles

Ms Elizabeth's Class - Infants

The sensory night event was a success!! Thank you to all the parents who went out of their way to attend; it was a very fun and interesting night. Definitely can’t wait until we do it again! The purpose of this event was to inform parents of all the important reasons why children need to have sensory play and why we also provide it in our centers. The weather has been very crazy lately with it getting cold, warm, and then cold again. We will be taking advantage as much as we can of the warmer weather. Please dress your children appropriately. We love outside play and exploration!

Early Childhood Mini-Conference

"Let's Take It Outdoors" Saturday, April 28, 2018 8am - 12:30pm Rogers County Building 416 S Brady Claremore, OK 74017 Registration Deadline: April 15th, 2018 Presenters will be: Stephanie Howard - Taking Art Outdoors! Lisa Evans - Outdoor Learning! Click Here for more information and the brochure.

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