Volunteers at the Center

Volunteering at the Center: Our family volunteer projects are ready to go! We look forward to having you in our classrooms to participate in learning. Here are the steps towards volunteering in a class. Look at your work/class schedule and determine what day would work best. Let the Master Teacher know you would like to help and when. On the day of your service, stop by the office and complete a volunteer form. We HIGHLY recommend wearing something comfortable that you can play and explore in safely. Report to the classroom where you plan to help. The teachers have developed some activities for you to do in each class. The activities are simple and open-ended.

Field Trips at the Center

In efforts to pair our learning experiences with hands-on adventures, we are bringing field trips into our planning! For preparation of field trips, teachers have to discover opportunities for places to visit. They then develop a lesson that builds skills and is of the children’s interests. Once it is approved by me, we then will send home permission slips (about 3 weeks in advance). The permission slip will indicate the details of the trip (departure time, parent tag-along info, fees, and attire notes). The permission slip (and payment) is due at least 3 days before the trip. On the day of the field trip, ALL car seats must also be checked in at drop off. If we do not have a car seat for yo

Ms Amanda & Ms Teresa's Class - Toddler A

Parents, Gear up for some exciting activities in TA! We have an upcoming month full of excitement and busy days. We will be growing our minds and bodies in our classroom. We hope that each parent can find some time this month to come join our exploration. Parents participating in our classroom helps bring our learning full circle. As we are planning our lessons, it would be helpful to know more about your children. We are sending home a brief informational sheet on each child. As we grow up, our needs and interests change. We ask that each family complete one for their child.

Ms Angela & Ms Iris' Class - Infants

Hello from the Bright Beginnings infant room! We have been hard at work with a number of projects this month. We are learning how to sit at the table like the big kids, how to use a cup and eating utensils, and how to use a big kid cot during nap time. We have been reading stories about colors, playing and exploring with different colors and art activities, and singing songs about winter and cold weather. During the coming months we have been planning some fun activities that we hope you can join in! We will be working on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Grandparents Day activities. Also, we have been gathering items for projects that we hope you will come and do with the children. Please rem

Ms Nichole's Class - Preschool

This month we will be focusing on some new topics suggested by the students. Children want to know more about things that fly, including all things NASA! I will be asking parents to bring pictures or come read a book to the class later in the month, especially if you have been or are currently working with aircraft of any kind. We will dive into the world of bubbles as well, and how they glide through the air. We have a bubble exploration field trip to be included with our learning. As we wind into March, our studies will include clocks. Your children are interested in learning to tell time. While this may be a stretch, we will turn these interests into understanding how clocks move, how thi

Ms Tiffany's Class - Early Preschool 1

Hello EPS1 families! As we say goodbye to January and enter this second month of the year, we are excited to see what February has to offer! This month's theme will be teamwork. We will discuss as a class what it means to be a team player, and what team work looks like. We will also have a variety of activities throughout the month to help promote this new theme. Our theme will also tie into our Valentine's Day Party which will be held on February 14th at 3:00 pm. Please continue to check your kids report app for more details to come. As reminder, please check your children's cubbies daily for any artwork or dirty clothing.

Ms Elizabeth's Class - Early Preschool 2

We have been having a great time growing and learning all year! We are continuing to becoming more independent at school, and hopefully at home, too. The kids are getting pretty good at getting ready to go outside by themselves. We are working on zipping our coats and putting on our mittens by ourselves. I would also encourage you to think about what learning experiences you can give them at home, as well. This might include putting away their own clothes, setting the table, sorting the socks, etc. Although it probably won't be the same way you would do it, I bet their excitement for completing the task would be worth it -- well, at least until they figure out that you are really putting the

Ms Haley & Ms McKenzie's Class - Toddler C

Dear parents, With this cold weather that we have been experiencing this month, we haven’t been able to get the kiddos outside for any gross motor play like we’d like to, so we have been improvising. During the times that we should be outside, we have been improvising with some music and movement. The kids really seem to enjoy it, and it gets some of that built up energy out that they would get out during outside time. As soon as we see some higher temperatures, we will go back to our outside time as usual! Sincerely, TC

Ms Sarah & Ms Kelsey's Class - Toddler B

Hi Parents! Our kiddos are really excited about sensory play! So we decided to use this and start introducing new sensory items into our classroom. Over the past few weeks, we have begun to explore cold. In our sensory table, we have explored ice, cold water, and even an ice block with frozen animals! We recently have added frozen whole cranberries to the mix and the children are able to use them to help their scooping and pouring skills. They love trying to “catch” the cranberries and pour them from one container to another. Ms Kelsey and myself have enjoyed exploring with them, and we would love for you to come and explore with us!


Congratulations to Ms Amanda and Ms Emily, who have accepted new positions in the Toddler 1 classroom! Ms Amanda will be the Master Teacher in the Toddler 1. "Hi, All! As many of you know, my name is Amanda Goodale, and I was the Assistant Teacher for T1. Our Master Teacher, Brooklyn, has decided to pursue other opportunities elsewhere. We want to thank her for all of the hard work and dedication she has put forth in our class, and she will be greatly missed! Because of Brooklyn’s departure, I wanted to share that I have accepted the position of Master Teacher for T1, and I am thrilled! It’s very exciting to have the opportunity to help our little ones grow and learn. I am looking forward t

Cold and Flu Season is Here!

This time of year, parents commonly ask, “Can my child go to childcare tomorrow?” If your child has a temperature of 101.0 or higher, that is considered a fever, and he/she should stay home. If your child is over 3 months of age, it’s usually not important how high the fever is but how your child is acting and what other symptoms he has. If he/she looks sick, won’t drink fluids, has trouble breathing, or anything hurts, call your pediatrician. He/she can return to child care once the fever is gone for 24 hours, and he/she’s feeling better. If your child has a bad cough or a runny/thick green or yellow mucous discharge from the nose, keep him/her home until the symptoms improve. If the cough

Ms Jenny’s Class—Preschool

Welcome to February! It’s going to be a great month! January was full of fun as we opened up our restaurant in dramatic play and worked on our first skills in our doctor’s office. We also got to welcome a new teacher to our classroom, and we are so excited that Miss Liz is going to be a part of our preschool family! We are going to be doing some new things in February as we continue learning about the world around us and the people in it. We are going to start the month off learning about what it’s like to be a veterinarian. Children will be able to bring their favorite stuffed animal to our animal doctor’s office and will be able to explore the similarities and differences between human doc

Ms KK’s Class—Early Preschool

Hello from Early Preschool! Love is definitely in the air this month, and we are buzzing around discussing hearts and planning a party! First things first though, we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Punxsutawney Phil! Will we endure more winter weather, or will Spring come early? Only the “Shadow” knows! So, hold on because February 2nd is quickly approaching. February is also Dental Health month. On Monday, February 5th, at 9:30, Ashley Reed will be visiting our center and will be discussing and demonstrating good dental hygiene. Ashley will be passing out dental hygiene goody bags to each child. Please feel free to join us! We are very excited about our Valentine’s Day Party on Februa

Ms Jessica's Class—Toddler 2

Hello from T2! As most of you probably know, Ms Keely went on maternity leave a little bit early. She is fine, just anxiously awaiting the arrival of her son. We are so excited for her! I will be the Substitute Master Teacher until she returns. Ms Mollie will be helping out in our classroom, so you will be seeing her quite often. In the month of January, we did exciting things! We went over the New Year, dinosaurs, reptiles, and some of our colors. The kids had a blast, and they all learned something new every day. February will be another exciting month for us! We will be learning all about the colors red and pink, Valentine’s Day, and the heart shape. After all the excitement of Valentine’

Ms Amanda's Class—Toddler 1

For the month of February, we will have the month split up into two themes: (1) Red and Pink for Valentine’s Day, and (2) Dental Hygiene. We will be focusing on the shape “heart” while Valentine’s Day is around. We will also be having a Valentine’s Day party, so parents, be on the lookout for a sign-up sheet! After Valentine’s Day, we will focus on learning more about our teeth and how to take care of them with several fun art projects planned. We are doing excellent in T1 with using our utensils at lunch and serving ourselves. We hope to continue our progress. Have a great February!

Ms Elizabeth's Class - Infants

We have started off to a very Happy New Year! The infants have had so much fun with all our food art/sensory experiences that we have done. We have had the chance to play and eat with yogurt, fruit, whipped cream, and cottage cheese. It even snowed during the month of January!!! Ms Michelle brought in a tub full of snow, and the children were able to explore the cold texture. They were very excited to be able to explore the outdoors while being indoors. We are hoping to continue with our outdoor exploration, so please continue to bring warm clothes. We won’t necessarily be going outside for long periods of time, but we will go out for at least 5 minutes to get sunlight exposure.

A Provocation!

What is a provocation? A provocation means to simply provoke. Provoke thoughts, imagination, questions, interests, and play. The purpose of a provocation is to invite a child to think, explore, create, and express themselves freely. In this winter provocation, simply add materials for children to build snowflakes with. Observe to see what they do with the materials. Ask children open-ended questions regarding their snowflakes. You can add to this provocation by adding pictures of snowflakes for the children to recreate. You can also read a book about snowflakes and add the book to this provocation. With any provocation, sit back and observe to see where the children’s minds take them.

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