Ms Brooklyn’s Class—Toddler 1

Seasons Greetings from Toddler 1! We had lots of fun in November learning about all the fall colors such as red, brown, orange, and yellow. The children really enjoyed doing art this month. Our “Turkey feather piece together” was a big hit, and it was fun to play with leaves and sticks in the sensory table! We also liked having more independence at lunch with using our utensils and pouring our own milk. We will continue to practice these skills in the coming months. As we head into December, we have lots of fun ideas planned. These include playing with the colors red, green, and white, as well as continuing to play with warm and cold water. We also have some really neat art projects, such as

Ms Nichole's Class - Preschool

Preschool has a new classroom! We are now located in the back room by the kitchen and the playground. We are excited about our new space! Together we are strengthening our friendships and making up new games to play. In our play groups, we are pretending we are mermaids and jumping over hot lava. Many of our adventures are also coming from our new books. Please join us in reading in the family welcome area or in our reading center when you pick up your child!

Ms Elizabeth's Class - Early Preschool 2

Hello EPS2 families!! In the month of December, we will talk about being kind to one another and will look at ways of what being kind means. This month the children will also be making holiday crafts, singing holiday songs, and learning about different holiday traditions. We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season! Also, as a reminder, please remember per the DCDC policy that the children are to have extra clothes in their cubbies for accidents and messy plays. Thank you!

Ms Tiffany's Class - Early Preschool 1

How can it possibly be December already? This month signals the onset of winter and a season of unpredictable weather. Remember, the children (AND the teachers!!) go outside every day. When the temperature outdoors is frosty, your child needs a warm coat, a hat or hood, and mittens. When there is snow on the ground, s/he also needs snow pants and boots. Help your child feel comfortable by providing the necessary items every day. While we have extras on hand for occasional forgetfulness, it’s stressful for both teachers and children to be scrounging around for outerwear that fits every time we go outside. December is a month that little ones happily look forward to. In this busy month, we enj

Ms Haley & Ms McKenzie's Class - Toddler C

The Toddler C class has had a very exciting November! We welcomed a new friend, Carter, who is currently our youngest student in class. He is very nice and loves to explore and read. You may have noticed some other new things in our classroom as well. We have a new kitchen stove, sink, and pantry set! Make sure to take a look at your next drop off. We will also be substituting our extra cubbies for some extra space here shortly! For December, we plan on continuing our theme of friendship due to its importance. Afterwards, we will use our senses to explore the upcoming weather by identifying the cold by feeling ice and snow, as well as identifying the color white. Our sensory table will play

Ms Sarah & Ms Kelsey's Class - Toddler B

The kids really enjoyed their pumpkin pie experience this month! They loved creating their pies and eating the whipped cream - they were a little iffy on the actual pumpkin part though! We worked really hard on the THANKful part of Thanksgiving by saying please and THANK YOU whenever necessary. We will also be working on learning new, good manners through the holiday season, such as excusing ourselves from the table and sharing our toys and art.

Ms Amanda & Ms Teresa's Class - Toddler A

For the month of December we are going to be discussing shapes. We will be incorporating everyday items and places to discuss the different shapes. We are currently transforming our home living area into a pizza place. We will be using our imaginations to order and make our own pizzas, while discussing the shapes we find on pizzas. Thank you for making our Little Sprouts grocery store this month such a success. All your contributions really made our store turn out great! I really hope you enjoyed the pictures. We are still currently working on our potty training with the children, having them sit on the toilet during diaper changes even when wet already. All your hard work and cooperation at

Ms Angela & Ms Iris' Class - Infants

The infant room is ready to celebrate the Holiday Season at Bright Beginnings! We will be using festive colors of red and green for our art activities, we are singing Christmas carols, and we are enjoying our holiday books during our reading time. We will have one milestone birthday, the other seven are right behind, standing and taking steps. “Momma” and “Daddy” can be heard throughout the day. We invite any parents, grandparents, or friends to stop by and sing us your favorite song or read us your favorite story!

DCDC New Teacher

DCDC has a new teacher! Courtney McGlory, Float Teacher, previously worked for Paths to Independence, a private school for students with autism. She has also worked for the Boys & Girls Club of Bartlesville. Her own son, Cillian, is now 6-months old. We are happy to have Courtney working at Delaware Child Development Center!

Ms Jenny’s Class—Preschool

Preschool to Light up December! I want to start by thanking all the parents who were able to volunteer their time by joining us on our trick-or-treating walk for Halloween, and also a special thanks to everyone for bringing their children so they could enjoy the special day. They had a lot of fun!! November was certainly a good time! We had so much fun making pumpkin spice play doh and learning about the different trees on our playground. We have learned words this month such as deciduous, evergreen, photosynthesis, H₂O, plot, and characters! Every day is an opportunity to learn something new, and it is so much fun to see them when they do! December is going to be just as fun as we start our

Ms KK’s Class—Early Preschool

For the month of December, the EPS class will be continuing to learn the importance of growing their own food and learning how to recognize when it's ready to be picked from the garden. These young children will gain some environmental knowledge that they can use throughout their lives. This is a huge part of our routine and learning skills. They learn not only about living things, but also about things that may or may not be safe to eat. All children participate in checking for growth, weeding, and picking vegetables. We also use language they may not hear on a daily basis, such as stem, bud, and soil. The children have also been learning how to make sugar free desserts and have mastered t

Ms Keely’s Class—Toddler 2

We had a very busy and exciting month of November in Toddler 2! We received several new toys in our classroom, including a climber, a baby bed, dress up clothes, sensory tubes, a plane, train, and helicopter set, as well as new bean bags for our reading center. Along with our new toys we also welcomed our newest addition, Ms. Courtney, in our classroom this month. Ms. Courtney will be joining Ms. Keely and Ms. Jessica as a Float in Toddler 2. Also in November, we got to see many familiar faces join us in our classroom for our Thanksgiving luncheon and our Apple Pie Party. Thank you all so much for taking your time to come celebrate Thanksgiving with us! We have lots of fun things planned for

Ms Elizabeth’s Class—Infants

The month of November has been very fun! We have had the chance to play with our new sensory bucket. We filled it with water and put some sponges for the children to explore with. We are still incorporating into our lesson plans more sensory projects that will allow us to use our fine motor skills. We do encourage parents to continue to work with infants at home to use utensils when eating at the dinner table and to color at home using crayons. The weather this month hasn’t been as cold as we had expected, so we have had the chance to go outside plenty of times. We even had a chance to take a nap out on our playground!! We do want to remind parents to continue to bring warm clothes, jackets,

Ms Nichole's Class - Preschool

In Preschool we are working on stories. The teacher reads a funny chapter book each day before lunch and continues with the story before nap time. Our class enjoys guessing what will happen next. Reading is relaxing for us, and we enjoy it on our own or when the teacher reads aloud. We have also been exploring with magnetic equipment and toys. We can build taller towers with blocks held together with magnets and balance them out wide.

Ms Angela's Infant Class Update

Greetings from the infant room! We had so much fun in October dressing up, playing pretend, and getting to play with and explore the new toys in our room. This next month is going to be filled with many new adventures and family activities, including Thanksgiving. We will be painting and creating with fall colors, exploring the outdoors and the changing season, and reading many new books this coming month. We always encourage parents to come and join in whenever they have an opportunity. So peek in, check out the baby room, and see what exciting things are happening in our room!

Toddler Class Updates

Ms Amanda's Class - Toddler A We are all growing up so fast! Parents, you may see lots of movement in our classroom. We have some new toys and equipment to help the students develop motor skills. We need your support in encouraging movement skills at home, too. Go for a walk with your child on the weekends! Movement is great; it builds the brain and the body. New skills in coordination are valuable tools for each child to navigate the world around them. On our playscape, we go up and down the hill to practice speed, force, and perseverance. After our hard work inside and out, we sit down to enjoy our new fall menu. The menu is posted in the family corner, just as you walk inside the door. Ta

Early Preschool Class Updates

Ms Tiffany's Class - EPS 1 November will be a busy month for our class with themes about Fall, Colors and Shapes, Nutrition, and Thanksgiving. Invite your child to help you decorate at home as you prepare to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. Click Here are a few ideas for activities for Thanksgiving. Cook With Your Little Chefs! If you have room in your kitchen, let your children help cook. Cooking is a great way to spend quality time with your children and teach them new skills. Young children can stir, mash, tear bread, and crack eggs. Even three-year olds can use a plastic knife to cut vegetables; many will sit for a long time doing this. Now that children are beginning to wear jackets

Early Preschool Class Updates

Ms Tiffany's EPS 1 Class Update We want to welcome Ms Amanda to EPS 1! You will see her a lot in our room. She is also a substitute, so some days she will be in other rooms. We are thankful to have her! We are working on getting the daily routine down and getting in the groove of how things should go in our room. We are starting to talk about fall and trees. We are excited about watching the leaves change colors in the upcoming weeks! If parents have have any acorns, pine cones, or different shapes/colors of leaves, we'd appreciate donations. We are hoping to plan a field trip to the Zoo for Polar Bear Days in the late fall. Parents are welcome to come with their child. Remember, with the w

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