Veterans Day!

November 11th is Veterans Day, and it is so important to teach the children in your care how we should be thankful for the hard work and sacrifices of our country's military, both past and present. Take advantage of Veterans Day activities such as parades, crafts, and worksheets to teach your children what our veterans have done for us. Show your appreciation by lining the streets at parades! Check your local newspaper or Chamber of Commerce for Veterans Day celebrations in your area. Click here for some fun Veterans Day activities.

Ms. KK’s Class—Early Preschool

For the month of November, the EPS class will be studying about different types of clothing and why we wear certain kinds of clothing for different seasons. We will be comparing sizes, graphing the sizes that they wear, and learning each child's own size. The children are being exposed to new and bigger words to help expand their vocabulary. Some words they are hearing are, "Fantastic, Amazing, and Cooperation." So, don't be surprised when they model this language at home! The children will be making Applesauce in November. Each child will be cutting Apples and putting them into a slow cooker to cook for approximately four hours. They will experience cutting, measuring, and sharing. This act

Ms. Elizabeth’s Class—Infants

The infant room is working with a lot of sensory exploration! The month of October we have had the chance to explore with finger painting, making nature collages, and playing with homemade playdough. The weather has been amazing in the afternoons. We will be spending more time outside in our playground and making sure the babies enjoy the small amount of time that we have left with this good weather. With this being said, we would like to remind you to start bringing in warmer clothes as we will continue to go on walks as it gets cooler. Going outside is an important factor in our curriculum as it promotes social skills, increases attention span, and reduces stress. For the month of November

Ms. Brooklyn’s Class—Toddler 1

We have a lot of exciting things happening in the T1 classroom for the month of November! We will continue to learn about fall colors such as yellow, orange, brown, and red. Also, we will be introducing new things into our sensory table such as leaves, twigs, acorns, and other interesting items. We will also be comparing warm and cold water. During the month of November, we will be reading and discussing books about Thanksgiving and Turkeys. We will also be introducing new shapes such as triangle and heart. We have a lot of fun art projects planned to do this month such as turkey feather collages, turkey tracks painting, and designing a Thanksgiving placemat. We are excited to have these art

Ms. Jenny’s Class—Preschool

Hello, parents! I am so excited for Ms. Jessie as she takes on her new position, and I'm equally excited to be stepping into the position as Preschool Master Teacher! I have been teaching preschool and prekindergarten for over twenty years and absolutely love it! November is going to be a fun time for our class! I want to give a big “Thanks” to those parents who were able to volunteer their time and join us on our field trip to the Pumpkin Patch! I also want to thank the parents who were unable to join us but brought their children to school that day so that they could go with us. The kids had a great time, and it meant a lot that they were all able to go and enjoy the day! You are always we

Ms. Keely’s Class—Toddler 2

In Toddler 2 for the month of November, we will spend the first week learning about Farm Animals. We will explore and discuss the different animals on a farm, what they look like, what sounds they make, and what they eat. In the following two weeks, we will take a break from the farm and begin to discuss what it means to be thankful and what Thanksgiving is. We will discuss what we are thankful for and practice saying “thank you.” We will have a Thanksgiving Celebration on Wednesday, November 22nd at 3 pm. We invite all parents, grandparents, guardians, etc. to come join us and enjoy a slice of apple pie that we will be making ourselves in class as a cooking experience. Cooking experiences h

Bright Beginnings Welcomes New Teachers!

We want to introduce you to our new teachers! Elizabeth Williams, Early Preschool Master Teacher Elizabeth Williams has worked with children for many years. She enjoys teaching new concepts and ideas. Elizabeth has her Bachelor's and Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration. Elizabeth is excited to be working with children, and she brings experience in working with families as well. Elizabeth’s favorite thing is to provide students with what they want and need, but to also teach them to develop resiliency. Kira Carey, Toddler Assistant Teacher Kira Carey has an Associate's Degree in psychology and excited to be working in the field of early childhood. Kira works with the toddlers in our

DCDC New Employees

We want to introduce our new teachers to you! Amanda Goodale, Assistant Teacher in Toddler 1, graduated from Rogers State University. She has an Associate’s degree in Early Education and a Bachelor’s in General Education. About DCDC, she loves it and has so much fun here! Michelle Thompson, Assistant Teacher in Infants, has worked in early childhood for about 10 years. She has a CDA and an Associate’s degree, and is working toward her Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood. She is enjoying getting to know all the families at Delaware Child Development Center. In her short time in the infant room, she has developed a positive relationship with all the infants in her care. Emily Harker, Float, w

Ms Elizabeth's Class - Infants

We are continuing to explore more art activities in the classroom. We’re encouraging a lot of finger painting and working on fine motor skills when it comes to working with crayons. The babies are enjoying their projects! We will be coloring our baby pumpkins in a couple of weeks. The infants recently collaborated on canvas to create a beautiful finger paint picture. It will be displayed in the room very soon! Older infants may enjoy using table utensils at home for practice. Then they can display their skills at meal time in class and at home.

Ms Keely’s Class - Toddler 2

We are learning about the Fall season and about Halloween both at reading time and with our art projects. We painted with apples and with leaves. We also colored leaves! Each child will soon be painting his or her own pumpkin. Thank you very much to all the parents who went to the Zoo with us! Family involvement was tremendous and very appreciated. Both staff and children enjoyed having our parents along. The children were able to see elephants, a rhino, turtles, and monkeys and shared lunch with their parents at the zoo.

Ms KK’s Class - Early Preschool

This month we have talked about Autumn and have been noticing how the leaves change colors. We continue to have great fun using magnifying glasses outdoors to inspect and investigate the leaves and grass. We are currently studying trees, which ties in to our leaf exploration. Each child carved into a pumpkin and experienced the smell, textures, moisture, and temperature of the pumpkins. It was quite a learning experience, and a lot of work to get those seeds out! This week’s Cooking Experience was Oatmeal and Carrot Cookies. The recipe is available if you would like to try making them at home. Maria taste tested for us and really liked them! Your child may be using a few new compound wo

Ms Jessie’s Class - Preschool

On Monday, October 16th, we will take our field trip to Heritage Farms. Parent volunteers are welcome to sign up, and more volunteers would be appreciated! October 31st, we will have a Halloween Party after going Trick or Treat at the Delaware Tribal Headquarters. It will be a very fun day! A Sign-Up Sheet will be available to supply us with non-sugary snacks, such as meat, cheese, crackers, etc. Our party will take place at 3:00 pm. We have re-stocked the art center to include more activities and things to cut. Children now have access to scissors. This month’s class picture shows the children on a nature walk that we took October 2nd. They each had a bag to use for collecting rocks, leave

Ms Brooklyn’s Class - Toddler 1

We will be painting our pumpkins this Friday and displaying them around the classroom. Next week we will dig into the pumpkins for sensory play and to learn more about them. We created Frankentoes as an art project. Be sure to take a look at our Frankentoes on the classroom wall! This month we are talking about the difference between daytime and nighttime. Our colors to investigate for October are orange and black. Thank you to those parents who have provided Playdough for our classroom. We have a sign up sheet in the room for anyone who would like to make fresh Playdough for us to use. Please let me know if you would like to sign up! Below is the recipe for making Playdough: HOMEMADE PLAYD

Ms Angela's Infant Class Update

Smooth Transitions Children go through many transitions in their lives. New homes, schools, teachers, and friends can sometimes be the norm. When experiencing these changes, children can struggle with regaining normal routines. In their struggle these same children can exhibit troubled behaviors, making the transitions even harder. However, transitions do not have to be hard. The following are a few things to keep in mind when planning daily activities that will aid in keeping the transition struggles at a minimum: 1. Simple is best: Too many transitions throughout the day can be confusing and overwhelming for young children. 2. Make it fun: Children feed off the attitude of the adults in th

Toddler Class Updates

Ms Amanda's Toddler A and Ms Sarah's Toddler B Class Updates Toddler B is continuing down the road on our potty training adventure. All our friends are almost completely potty trained! Now we are moving on to letter recognition. We will be working daily with the children on not only recognizing all the letters of the alphabet, but also focusing on recognizing the first letter of their name. During our daily large group, we sing a song called “A is for Apple” (you can find on YouTube) to help the children learn letters and begin to recognize them. We also have a special version that contains the children’s pictures and names. This helps the children know what letter goes with their name! Ms H

Ms Nichole's Pre-K Class Update

This month in Pre-K, we will be studying the alphabet. I will add in numbers to the lessons as we get more comfortable with our letters. We have lots of new faces in our room, and so we are building as a class. Things will move slowly so that everyone can feel comfortable. I hope to have everyone in the swing of things by December. Please remember to bring a change of clothes. Some of the children are running low, and with the seasons changing, it's time for some warmer clothing. Be sure to include a jacket so that if the weather gets chilly, we can still enjoy our play. Please remember no toys in the class room. Stuffed animals for nap time are okay; however, they must remain in each child’

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